asdg>> codedepot>> download instructions

  1. right-click (ctrl+click on mac) the .fla file you want to download.
  2. in ie, choose "save target as..."
    in netscape, choose "save link as..."
  3. put the file wherever you like on your system.

help for macintosh users
if you're on a mac, and you can't open a downloaded .fla file, the file has probably lost its resource.frk that tells flash what kind of file it is. here are several ways to fix the .frk:
  1. from flash choose file>>open.
  2. from the open menu select "All Files" (not "All Formats") from the "List Files By Type" file menu.
  3. select the downloaded .fla file and open it.
  4. select "Save As" to restore the resource fork.
alternatively, you can use resedit to fix the frk:
  1. download resedit from apple's site. install and launch it. then:
  2. open the fla file in resedit
  3. do get file/folder info. you'll see "type:" and "creator:"
  4. the type and creator both should have a 4 digit code, if they are missing, or appear as ????, go to next step.
  5. change the type to "SPA " (including the space, but not the quotes. use upper case.)
  6. change the creator to "MFL2" (remove the quotes. use upper case)
or you may want to try FileTyper to do the same thing.

finally, if you're working on osx, you can fix your file association like this:
  1. select any file with a .fla extension.
  2. choose file >> get info (cmd+i)
  3. from the pulldown (where it says "General Information") choose "Open with
  4. application".
  5. if flash isn't listed there, choose "Other..." and navigate to where the
  6. flash application is located.
  7. once flash is selected as the default application, click on "Change
  8. All" to associate all .fla files with flash.
thanks to macromedia's brad bechtel for the osx instructions and to michael kay for the "Save As" instructions.