asdg>> party>> pics

me with the aliens before the party. we made them from foamcore.

folks viewing flash work on some of the demo pods. those who visited all 6 pods got a free book.

dj bavero (left) and lucky (right) spinning their silken grooves ;)

andy trying to get to level 3 of digout (part of one of the demos).

free beer! graham's helping himself while ice partners doug keely (far right) and jon nicholls (next to doug) talk to a former icer.


food. the guy in the tan shirt is mike linkovich, a good friend and programming mentor. he does

talking shop with two flash college instructors.

ice partners doug keely (left), jon nicholls (middle), and terry maguire (right) intro my presentation.

oh god, a lecture?? hit the floor...

some fullscreen presstube goodness.

flash product manager jeremy clark joined us for a video conference. eric wittman and gary grossman were there too. jeremy's holding up his copy of actionscript: the definitive guide, just after reading aloud one of the first emails i sent him about writing the book.