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gary grossman
:: creator of actionscript
* "The first comprehensive tutorial and reference devoted entirely to the ActionScript language... Packed with up-to-date material and leaving no feature unexplored."

slavik lozben
:: principal engineer, flash 5
* "The best ActionScript book I have ever seen. You would be hard pressed to find more information on ActionScript anywhere else."

jeremy clark
:: macromedia flash product manager
* "Colin Moock is a giant in the Flash scripting arena - one of the few people qualified to write such a complete, authoritative reference guide to the Macromedia Flash scripting language. He has incredible insight into the inner-workings of ActionScript from a practical point of view, having worked with us to help shape and refine ActionScript."

troy evans
:: flash player product manager
* "'ActionScript: The Definitive Guide' is the complete reference guide, for beginners through to advanced users, always keep it by your side."
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* "In ActionScript: The Definitive Guide, Moock has created a resource that will last you from your first day at ActionScripting through until you're a guru, racking up the profits and living the high-life. The sheer volume of information in the book is astounding, but it's not just a technical reference; it's well taught and conveniently structured."