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Version: Flash MX
Date Added: February 27, 2003

The following movie displays information about the Flash Player and the system on which it is running.

Note that the above movie requires at least Flash Player 6. In Flash Player 5 and older versions of the Player, only the Player version is available (via getVersion() in Flash Player 5, or _root.$version in Flash Player 4, starting with release

For the curious, here is the code used in the above movie:

version_txt.text = getVersion();
debug_txt.text = System.capabilities.isDebugger ? "yes" : "no";

var indentedFormat = new TextFormat();
indentedFormat.leftMargin = 10;

for (var p in System.capabilities) {
  profile_txt.text += p + ": " + System.capabilities[p] + "\n";

And here is the source .fla file.