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May 29, 2003

Nice Stage.onResize() example

This japanese site is a tight little example of how you can dynamically layout an interface in Flash Player 6 with the Stage.onResize() event. make sure you open enough categories (news releases, topics, net communities, what's new), then resize your browser. also try the expand button on each panel. nice work.

you can read a tutorial on handling stage resizing here.

Posted by moock at May 29, 2003 04:06 PM

i partly agree with you josh, the algorithm isn't seems to favour vertical scrolling over horizontal scrolling, but it's certainly a very good start. everyone is used to html doing automatic relayout in the's about time flash content caught up (tho it's a lot more work in flash!)

Posted by: colin at May 30, 2003 10:27 AM

This is a superb example! Josh, I think it is so intuitive and mindful of the user in behavior that it is not a problem at all to have UI elements moving around the way they do. After all, the UI is responding to the'd be a different story were the UI just randomly moving around in some sort of trendy motion experience...but this has purpose. Very nice!

Posted by: Todd Hopkinson at May 30, 2003 08:07 AM

It's slick looking, but don't you think that moving pieces of content around the UI without the user specifically requesting it is generally a bad idea?

Open all four, expand the top right one, and then open your window to get three columns. What's the logic in the way they order themselves? Seems like so much eye candy to me.

Posted by: Josh at May 29, 2003 08:03 PM