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June 09, 2003

new pay component sites

a couple of new pay-for-component sites have entered the market, and both of them are looking for developers to supply content (developers get paid either outright for their work or by a commission on each sale).
by the crew, this site currently has a single component only--a scrollpane that supports pixel fonts and has some features not offered in the flash mx scrollpane.
by author scott hamlin, backed by well known clip-art provider, art today. sports hundreds of canned animations, buttons, components, and other ready-made flash assets. works on a subscription model...1 month for US$29.95 up to 12 months for US$129.95.

should be interesting to see how the pay market works out, particularly with the amount of free content available at other sites (,, and the macromedia flash exchange, just to name a few).

Posted by moock at June 9, 2003 11:36 PM