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July 31, 2003

Unity 2 Contest

Come one, come all! Win a copy of Unity 2!

1st Prize
A Single-Domain Unity Professional Licence

Goes To:
The first developer that posts a live demonstration of a Unity 2 Beta application that includes client registration and attribute persistence using the supplied Unity MySQL implementation.

2nd Prize
A Single-Domain Unity Express Licence

Goes To:
The first developer that posts a live, working version of the supplied example Unity application "uSimpleChat v4 with Client Login". The example app is located in the file, in the folder /uClient/uSimpleChatMX/clientlogin. Note that you don't have to do any development work to make the app run, you just have to install Unity, set up attribute persistence (as described in the new server docs), and run the client app on a live site. To see the app in action on, visit:

3rd Prize
One of three Single-Domain Unity Express Licences

Goes To:
The first three developers that post a live, working version of the uMiniChat application seen in action here:
The uMiniChat app must be posted on the homepage of an existing site, and must be customized in at least two ways (e.g., colors, fonts) via the uChatMiniSettings.xml file. The uMiniChat app is located in the file, in the folder /uClient/uChatMini.

Additional Rules:
1) To submit your entry, email your application's URL to
2) Contestants are eligible to win one prize only.
3) The winning applications must be hosted for the entire Unity 2 beta period. Prizes will be delivered after the beta period ends. If the winning application is offline for more than 1 consecutive 48 hour period during the beta period, the prize is forfeit (unless that offline period is the direct result of a technical problem caused by Unity 2 Beta 1).

More information:
To get started, visit
That page will provide you with the downloads and documentation you need to participate in the contest.

Good luck everyone!!

Posted by moock at July 31, 2003 10:01 AM