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September 15, 2003

actionscript viewer 4.0 released

the manitu group has released actionscript viewer 4.0, now with support for actionscript 2.0 and flash player 7 format .swf files. it also has some neat new flash authoring tool scripting capabilities (i.e., supports jsfl file creation).

i really love that you can see your actionscript 2.0 classes as actionscript 1.0. gives a great peek at what the compiler actually generates behind the scenes, and even works as an actionscript 2.0-to-actionscript 1.0 converter. of course, the actionscript 2.0 datatyping and access control (public/private) isn't retained because that information is only used by the compiler, not the player.

full info and purchase here:

here's the list of new asv4 features, taken from the asv docs:
* ASV now supports Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX professional 2004 generated SWF files: SWF version 7 and optimized SWF version 6. ASV supports both AS1 and AS2. (see AS2 mode for more info on AS2 decompilation).

* ASV can now export resources and a JSFL command to help rebuilding the FLA file for a SWF. (see Rebuild-Data Extraction (JSFL)).

* ASV can now export vector symbol outlines as a Flash MX 2004 custom tool JSFL. (see JSFL Tool Properties Dialog for more info).

* Classes can be saved as individual .AS files and in appropriate folder structure. (see 'Batch>Save All Class Scripts' command in File menu).

* Support for linked video symbols, device sounds etc. added.

* The decompiler engine is enhanced and many bugs fixed.

Posted by moock at September 15, 2003 11:59 PM