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October 22, 2003

checkers, meet rock paper scissors (multiplayer!)

flash developer/designer riccardo deponti has just announced a new multiplayer game, tridam, based on unity. it combines the rules of checkers with rock, paper, scissors.

>> play tridam at

you move your rocks, paper and scissors around the board like checkers pieces. to take your opponent's piece, your piece must win the classic rock, paper, scissors contest. it's a seriously challenging and addictive twist on checkers.

a few notes on how to play: to move, you click your piece, then click an open square. to take an opponent's piece, you click your piece, then click the square *on the other side* of the opponent's piece. if you can possibly take a piece, you must take it--you won't be able to make any other moves.

riccardo implemented the game based on an idea by maurizio borsani, and had help from enrico deponti. congratulations to all on a fun game!

Posted by moock at October 22, 2003 11:15 PM