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October 29, 2003

EA looking for actionscript developers

Electronic Arts Canada, the legendary game studio that brought you SSX, The Bard's Tale, and Archon, are looking for talented actionscript developers to work in their vancouver office. if you want apply for the job, you must mention that you read about it on this blog. cool would it be to work at ea...?

details follow...i'm not sure how strict they are on the c++ experience. perhaps if you kick ass at actionscript but don't know c++, it's worth applying anyway.

Required Skills:
* Proficiency with C++ (Visual C++ or Visual .NET recommended).
* Experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
* Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices.
* Bachelorís degree or higher in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
* Knowledge and experience using Flash and specifically with the use of actionscript.
* Good communication and writing skills.
* Two or more years of experience working in video games or a CG-related field.
* Excellent problem solving skills.
* And of course, we want self-starters who can work with others in a team-oriented environment as well as independently.
* Prior experience shipping a console product (PS2, GameCube or Xbox).

Please submit your resume or inquiries to:

Posted by moock at October 29, 2003 11:33 AM