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April 14, 2004

flashstudioPRO v2 released

mdm has released a new version of their projector creation tool, flashstudioPRO. new features include:

-form-based development (ala visual basic)
-custom fscommand creation
-installer and trial build support
-projector transitions
-50 projector skins
-improved ocx handling (ship a projector that works even if the end-user doesn't have flash installed)

other features include:
-customize projector shape, size, icon, etc
-over 600 fscommands to do things like read/write files, convert images, etc
-screensaver output
-run avi, mpg, wmv, quicktime, or real media directly in the projector
-embed html & pdf directly into the projector
-database connectivity
-joystick control
-directx support for fast playback

flashstudioPRO is shaping up nicely i'd say...

Posted by moock at April 14, 2004 12:20 PM