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April 26, 2004

flash in the can roundup

i'm finally caught up after flash in the can. i promised to post some links, so here they are...

joshua davis showed the process behind once up on a forest. it was a beautiful favourite from josh in a long while.

andries odendaal showed an amazing 3d creature builder in which you can actually spray-paint on the 3d models of the creatures you build. gorgeous work. i don't think andries has it posted anywhere, but some of his conceptual work from the lecture is available.
>> view odendaal source files

i was blessed to receive a pre-release copy of james patterson's upcoming 7-minute dvd. what a gift james has made the world. i'll post a link when the dvd is available. for now, you can just worship the cover art:
>> view upcoming presstube dvd

i also really liked the we fail lecture. jordan stone and martine hughes presented some lovely material.
>> view wefail slides

selected links from my presentation were:
>> (experimental multiuser community)
>> (3d world chat)
>> (shared interface usage)
>> www.public (jared tarbell's multiuser work)
>> (avatar chat)

other lecture links are posted at the flashinto message board.
>> view other lecture links

overall, fitc was amazing. it had a really energetic vibe, and everyone seemed to be showing new work. best conference i've been to in a few years.

Posted by moock at April 26, 2004 02:13 PM