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August 22, 2004

flashinthecan: 4 city tour

shawn pucknell, founder of flash in the can, is taking a miniature version of the conference on the road to four cities in canada over 6 days. each city gets a single day with a single track of presentations. looks like a solid little event with some excellent speakers. and it's a bargain at only $160 (early bird price) or $75 for students (again, early bird price).

if you live anywhere near montreal definitely don't miss this rare chance to see james patterson and amit pitaru present. likewise, torontonians: don't miss jared tarbell live for only the second time in his career.

lots more info here:

and here's the speaker list:
Jared Tarbell //
Brian Donovan //
Shaun Hamontree & Ben Radatz //
Tony MacDonell //
Joshua Davis //
Erik Natzke //
Steve Ozipko & Brian Robbins //
Grant Skinner //
Yohan Gingras // *
Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin // *
James Paterson // /
Amit Pitaru //
Robert Reinhardt // Schematic / [theMAKERS]
Brooke Burgess //
Jessey White-Cinis //
Thomas Brodahl // /
Rob McLaughlin //
Kevin Airgid //
Shane Mielke // /

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