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September 29, 2004

massive lecture notes update

i've finished a new series of 11 lectures on actionscript, multiuser applications, and components. much of the content is based on ideas in essential actionscript 2.0, but some of it is brand new.

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here's a brief synonpsis of each lecture:

>> introduction to actionscript
ground up coverage of the basic fundamentals of actionscript programming.

>> introduction to object-oriented programming
an overview of the basic concepts involved in object-oriented programming with actionscript 2.0.

>> your first actionscript 2.0 class
a step-by-step demonstration showing how to create a custom ActionScript 2.0 class, ImageViewer. the ImageViewer class loads, crops, and displays a jpeg image in a flash movie.

>> introduction to design patterns
discusses how to implement the Observer and Singleton patterns in a Flash application.

>> model/view/controller in actionscript
explores the famous "model-view-controller" design pattern as a blueprint to use when creating graphical user interfaces in Flash.

>> delegation event model
discussion of how to apply Java's standard event broadcasting system to ActionScript 2.0.

>> unified computing in the multiuser era
an exploration of multiuser content and experiences.

>> introduction to unity
an overview of the basic principles involved in creating multiuser flash applications with Unity.

>> ambient user activity
integrating real-time multiple user participation and experience into flash content.

>> creating a component-based oop application in flash
demonstrates how to use ActionScript 2.0 to create a working application with Macromedia Flash MX 2004's v2 component set.

>> handling v2 component events
discusses and demonstrates the various event handling techniques available for v2 components, and recommends which techniques apply to different situations

Posted by moock at September 29, 2004 12:39 PM