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August 08, 2005

new express install for flash player

macromedia posted a brand new version of the flash detection kit today. the new kit quietly includes something of a revolution in the flash installation experience: "Express Install". using express install, developers can now actually instigate the installation of the flash player *from within flash*! if a browser restart is required, the express install even returns the user to the page they were on.

note that express install is *not* the same as auto-update. with auto update, the flash player periodically checks for new versions and asks the user to upgrade when a new version is detected. with express install, the developer tells the user that an upgrade is required to see content, and then starts that upgrade process precisely at the time where the new player version is required.

express install requires flash player or higher, and is discussed and demonstrated in macromedia's detection kit, at the end of the documentation file called "FlashPlayerDetectionKit_StartHere.pdf".

>> get macromedia's detection kit here

Posted by moock at August 8, 2005 07:39 PM