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August 29, 2005

google launches google talk beta

so google's now got a chat/voip service to go with their mail service. it launched august 24, 2005. for now you need a gmail account to use chat, but google is attempting to form a federation of messenger networks that will be able to access each other's user lists.

>> get google talk here
>> bbc news article about google talk

already, i've found some refreshing features in the interface:
* sequential messages by the same person go under a single name heading
* no emoticons!!
* no send button
* outgoing message area resizes to fit your
* status shows when you're chatting with other people (yes you can disable this)
* send gmail from contact list

for me the voip (voice chat) was effortless, and about as clear as skype.

hopefully this will breath new life into the messenger client world. windows messenger is such an atrophied old dog.

here's an interesting opinion piece about what david mcnett thinks google is doing wrong...

Posted by moock at August 29, 2005 03:13 PM