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October 07, 2006

Essential ActionScript 3.0 Pre-release Now Available

The first pre-release chapter of Essential ActionScript 3.0 is now available through O'Reilly's "Rough Cuts" service.

>> Visit Essential ActionScript 3.0's Official Rough Cuts Page

Through the Rough Cuts service, you can purchase access to Essential ActionScript 3.0 chapters as they are completed, before the book is published. For now, only one chapter is available: Loading External Display Assets (50 pages). But very soon another chapter--"Flash Player Security Restrictions"--will be added. And new chapters will be posted regularly until the book is complete (at which time, the entire manuscript will be accessible online). I'll post a note on this blog every time a new chapter becomes available.

Note that all Essential ActionScript 3.0 content posted on Rough Cuts is content-complete, and has had an official technical review, but is still under editorial review. In other words, the content is reliable and accurate, but still needs some editorial polishing. That said, it's not too late to fix errors; comments on Rough Cuts material (especially regarding technical inaccuracy) are welcome and encouraged. If you find any errors, please let me know at "colin" [at character] "".

Access to Essential ActionScript 3.0 on Rough Cuts can be purchased on its own or in combination with a pre-purchase of the printed book (see the above link).

>> Read more about Rough Cuts here

My thanks to O'Reilly for creating such a neat publication service. It's real swell to be able to share this information right away rather than waiting for it to be printed.

Posted by moock at October 7, 2006 07:43 AM