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March 14, 2007

Chapter 1, Paragraph 1, Essential ActionScript 3.0

over the next while I'll be posting the first paragraph or two from each chapter in Essential ActionScript 3.0.

here's chapter 1, paragraph 1...

1. Core Concepts

A program is a set of written instructions to be executed (i.e., carried out) by a computer or a software application. The written, human-readable text of a program is called source code, or just code. The person who creates a program is called a programmer, a coder, or a developer. Every program is written in a particular programming language, just as every book is written in a particular language (English, Russian, Japanese, etc). Programming languages dictate the syntax and grammar that programmers must use to form the instructions in a given program. This book provides from-the-ground-up coverage of the syntax, grammar, and usage of one specific programming language, ActionScript 3.0. Get ready for a good time.

Posted by moock at March 14, 2007 07:17 PM