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March 27, 2007

support your favourite site when ordering cs3 software

if you're planning on buying adobe software, remember to help out your favourite flash site by placing your order through its affiliate link, if it has one. when you order through an affiliate link, the site owner gets a cut of the sale (2-8%).

cash earned via an affiliate link can help pay for ISP bills, time, and other expenses. if you belong to a software user group, be sure to check your group's site to see if it has an affiliate link. if it doesn't, contact the group manager and ask for one to be added. after all, if you're buying the software anyway, you might as well help support your dev community.

here are's affiliate links:

* Creative Suite 3 Master Collection
* Creative Suite 3 Production Premium
* Creative Suite 3 Design Premium
* Creative Suite 3 Design Standard
* Creative Suite 3 Web Premium
* Creative Suite 3 Web Standard

* Flex Builder 2
* Flash CS3
* Dreamweaver CS3
* Photoshop CS3
* Photoshop CS3 Extended
* Fireworks CS3
* Illustrator CS3
* Contribute CS3
* InDesign CS3
* Premiere Pro CS3
* Soundbooth CS3
* After Effects CS3

Posted by moock at March 27, 2007 08:16 PM