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October 16, 2007

FDT 3.0 now shipping

for over a year, adobe's Flex Builder has been pretty much the only ActionScript 3.0 development tool available. that changes today with the release of powerflasher's FDT 3.0.

>> view FDT 3.0 website

like Flex Builder, FDT is based on Eclipse, so there is some natural similarity between the tools for pure ActionScript projects. some of FDT 3.0's features are definitely also on the wishlist for Flex Builder--things like a configurable formatter and live code generation (insert missing variable/method definitions, code-completion that auto-inserts a class constructor).

it's nice to see another option on the market for ActionScript developers. and i was very happy to see that FDT 3.0 is free for open source developers, and discounted for students.

if you write object-oriented ActionScript programs, FDT 3.0 is definitely worth a look.

Posted by moock at October 16, 2007 01:50 AM