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March 07, 2008

New Flash Apps: Aviary, Hobnox Audio

Now that Adobe's new desktop runtime AIR has been released, the Flash industry is eagerly waiting for the first real killer AIR app. At least one potential contender comes from a company in New York called Aviary. Aviary is making a suite of graphics tools with some very interesting interactions for generating designs. German mad scientist Mario Klingeman is producing one of the tools, known as Peacock. Peacock dynamically produces patterns (output) based on input sources and a series of filters and distortions applied through an interface reminiscent of an audio mixer. Mario has a collection of results on flickr.

Though the Aviary suite is not yet public, there is a beta program now accepting applications. Mario demonstrated Peacock to me in Munich, and I can say it's definitely worth keeping an eye on. More press on Aviary below:

>> Ryan Stewart's Aviary Review (zdnet)
>> Alan Stern's Aviary Launch Impressions

Also in Germany, André Michelle and Joa Ebert are working on a sophisticated mixer/synthesizer audio tool in Flash that might find its way to AIR if Adobe ever makes some noise.

Posted by moock at March 7, 2008 09:28 PM