June 18, 2004

macromedia posts eas2 chapter 12

macromedia has posted chapter 12 of essential actionscript 2.0 in tandem with the official release of the book today. chapter 12 discusses how to use v2 components in an object-oriented actionscript 2.0 application. in particular, it explains the various approaches one can take to handling v2 component events.

>> read eas2 chapter 12, "Using Components with ActionScript 2.0"
>> read eas2 chapter 2, "Object-oriented ActionScript"
>> more information about the book

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June 17, 2004

eas2 example files posted

in anticipation of tomorrow's launch of "essential actionscript 2.0", i just posted the example files for the book.

>> view eas2 example files

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June 16, 2004

new unity service provider: Uconnected

I'm very happy to introduce a brand new unity service provider (USP): Uconnected. according to the Uconnected press release, their servers are "situated at the centre of the uk network, optimised to deliver your interactive application reliably and rapidly across europe and the web." congratulations to the Uconnected team! it's great to have a USP dedicated to the European community.

>> more info at www.uconnected.co.uk

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June 14, 2004

some good job postings

here are a few flash dev. job openings that have been brought to my attention recently:

>> flash developer
>> flash games developer
>> (view all blitz jobs)

zinc roe
"zinc Roe is looking for a creative geeky generalist to work with us on a number of flash-based projects. Core skills are flash design, production and ActionScript programming. Candidates must have strong hands-on photoshop and css skills.

Our team is made up of programmers who like to design and designers who like to program. Candidates must have a strong appreciation for the creative and the technical. Consideration will be given to candidates who can bring 'associated' skills such as game design, fluency in french, illustration, typography, teaching, etc.

zinc Roe is a small (but mighty) design and development firm specializing in flash-based games and educational activities for kids. Our client list includes: Canada Council for the Arts, Family Channel, Teletoon, TVO, CBC, and Noggin. We have also worked with agencies such as WDDG, Ninedots/Henderson Bas, and Diesel Marketing.

We are looking for someone competent, professional and self-motivated who can tell good work from sloppy, can get stuff done and are not afraid to dive into something new. This is a 3 month contract position starting early/mid July with the possibility of leading to a f/t position.

Please send a resumé which includes URL of past projects (and your role in said projects) to jobs@zincroe.com. No phone calls."

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June 13, 2004

more glorious wefail work

wefail is at it again...set aside an hour and

>> clickety-click http://www.facingnewyork.com/

too fuckin sweet

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June 11, 2004

as2 flash remoting components now shipping

macromedia has updated the flash remoting components. the new components can be used in flash mx 2004 when publishing to actionscript 2.0 format. they include improved documentation and a revised api. steven webster of iteration::two has an interesting article on the new api here.

>> download the new flash remoting components

tom muck, author of o'reilly's flash remoting the definitive guide, points out that macromedia recently posted a good tutorial showing how to use the new actionscript 2.0 remoting components.

>>read the trio service manager tutorial

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June 09, 2004

new european flash conference

"FlashEurope" is a new flash conference is planned for barcelona. not much info available yet, but it's something to keep an eye on if you live in europe. looks like they're still accepting speaker proposals.


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June 04, 2004

consolidating data providers

recently i had a List component being updated periodically from an external data source. the entire item set for the List was supplied at each update (inefficient, i know, but that's how it worked). however, replacing the List contents entirely was wiping out the current user selection in the list. very annoying. so i created a function to consolidate the new item set with the list's existing data provider. i figure someone else might need a similar function, so i posted it as a technote.

>> read "how to consolidate data providers"

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June 01, 2004

nice flash work

here are a couple of flash pieces i've liked recently:

an interactive tale by H. Hoogerbrugge. thoughtful, creative, interesting, lovely.
(thanks to eric liphardt for the link)

>> come together
a tribute flash video for the Beatle's "come together". clean design, nice creative direction.
(thanks to mike linkovich for the link)

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