December 28, 2004

eas2 chinese edition now shipping

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精通Actionscript 2.0

Colin Moock∕著。趙英傑工作室∕譯






「本書傳達了駕馭ActionScript 2.0強大功能的完整教學,伴隨著最佳的實際程式寫法。本書作者不僅說明了如何撰寫ActionScript,更教導了如何撰寫出優良的ActionScript。 」

ActionScript之父,Gary Grossman

many thanks to ying-chieh chao for the outstanding translation work.

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December 23, 2004

December 08, 2004

new o'reilly book for flash newbies

if you're completely new to flash and want to get started with the basics, you might want to consider a new tutorial-style book from o'reilly called "flash out of the box". my editor, bruce epstein, was the editor for the book so you can be guaranteed that the writing is confident and clear.

>> learn more about flash out of the box
(author: robert hoekman, jr.)

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December 07, 2004

andre michelle's sweet ride

andre michelle, one of the creators of fastfroots, has put together another great racing game. this one's called fun cup. it's got great audio, nice lighting, impressive collision, and most important, very solid gameplay. (driving the line actually matters!)

andre teamed up with to produce the game. wmteam created all the sounds, graphics, and interface, while andre built the game engine.

>> play fun cup!

the game is based on andre michelle's new library for game development: game package.

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