February 25, 2005

nice ecommerce ria

here's a nice, clean example of an ecommerce ria:

>> visit beatport.com

developed by factorylabs.com using skinned v2 components...

some solid music in there too

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February 16, 2005

eas2 french edition now available

essential actionscript 2.0 is now available in french. my thanks to james guérin, the translator. from what i'm told by readers, the translation is very good.

>> order eas2 french edition here

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February 11, 2005

intro to V2 component skinning

i just posted a new article that explains the basics of skinning (i.e., changing the graphics of) flash mx 2004's so-called "V2 components". learn what a skin is, how it compares to styles, how to alter the skin of a component, and see a ProgressBar redesigned right before your very eyes.

spoiler: the end of the article also discusses an alternative to skinning the notoriously petulant Button component.

>> read skinning the V2 ProgressBar component

error reports to (colin [little "at" sign] moock.org) are much appreciated!

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February 09, 2005

weskamp updates marumushi.com

enjoy marcos's latest work in a completely redesigned site:

>> www.marumushi.com

noteworthy updates include a flickr visualizer and 12 processing pieces.

if you want more marcos, you can find him speaking at fitc in toronto in april (a rare north american appearance for him...he used to live in tokyo and is now studying in italy).

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February 08, 2005

ProgressBar "gotcha"

i just noticed this undocumented limitation with the v2 ProgressBar component, and i figured it was worth sharing...

when a ProgressBar's mode property is set to "event" (the default) it won't broadcast complete() or progress() events. if you want to register for events from a ProgressBar make sure its mode is set to "polled" or "manual". if you are using the ProgressBar in "event" mode then you should register for events with the ProgressBar's source rather than with the ProgressBar itself.

have fun preloading...

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