May 10, 2005

actionscript training bootcamp

i'm holding my two-day intensive actionscript training course at the
following locations:

los angeles ca, may 16-17
session 1 & 2

rochester ny, may 31-june 1
session 2 & 3

cost: $200/day

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hope to see you there!

session details

Session 1: Beginner's Introduction to ActionScript

Session one provides an aggressive but highly approachable beginner's introduction to programming for designers and animators that have never before programmed in Flash. In just one day, all foundational programming concepts are covered, including variables, statements, the interpreter, commands, arguments, operators, expressions, conditionals, loops, events, event handlers, functions, and arrays. The day focuses on the creation of a multiple-choice quiz, and is based on Moock's classic guide to ActionScript, "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition" (O'reilly, 2002).

Session 2: Introduction to Object-oriented Programming

Picking up where session one left off, session two introduces object-oriented programming ("OOP") with ActionScript 2.0. Through practical, fun examples—a "Tamagotchi"-style virtual pet and an image viewer (time permitting)—attendees will learn about classes, objects, methods, properties, encapsulation, inheritance, and datatypes. Throughout the day, the focus is set squarely on best-practices and clean, reusable coding. Session two is based in part on Moock's latest book, "Essential ActionScript 2.0" (O'reilly, 2004).

Session 3: Introduction to Design Patterns

Design patterns are established solutions to recurring object-oriented programming problems. This final session introduces programmers to design patterns and shows how to apply them. Among the patterns covered are: Observer, Singleton, Delegation Event Model, and MVC. Examples covered include an object-oriented logging tool, a shooting star simulation with random stars, and a flexible clock with multiple displays. Session three is based on Moock's latest book "Essential ActionScript 2.0" (O'reilly, 2004).

Note that this final session offers the most technically advanced content of the course, and will be a considerable challenge for attendees that start the course with little or no programming experience.

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