November 15, 2005

announcing Essential ActionScript 3.0...

ActionScript 3.0 has been announced so i can officially talk about my new book, Essential ActionScript 3.0. in fact, i recently posted a brief preview of it here:

>> view Essential ActionScript 3.0 preview

Essential ActionScript 3.0 is the successor to Essential ActionScript 2.0, once again focusing on the core language and object-oriented programming with some coverage of Flash Player APIs.

for the record, ActionScript 3.0 rules so much i can't even begin to describe it. if you haven't investigated ActionScript 3.0, Flash Player 9, and Flex Builder yet head over to the ActionScript Technology Center as soon as you can. there's a revolution coming and luckily this time everyone gets to learn all about it in advance...

Posted by moock at 03:41 AM