May 29, 2008

free AS3 training; last chance, italy

over the last 8 months, in locations around the world, i've been holding a free crash course in ActionScript 3.0 and object-oriented programming. june 23 marks the last stop on the tour: milan, italy. if you haven't made it to one of the other cities, i hope to see you in milan. i hear there are still spots available.

>> register for free ActionScript 3.0 training

many thanks to adobe for financing the tour, fitc for the production, and o'reilly for promotional support.

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May 22, 2008

interview with flash player engineer jim corbett

fitc just posted an hour-long interview i did in april with jim corbett, one of the adobe's flash player engineers.

>> watch the interview

topics covered include:
-garbage collecting loaded .swf files (see grant skinner's post)
-ecmascript4: is it too much?
-future of the web client ecosystem
-life as a player engineer
-history of flash player's internals
-macromedia and adobe culture
-flash player engineering process
-politics of the web
-future player features
-jon gay's vector renderer

if you like the format/content of this interview and would like to see more interviews with adobe engineers, please leave a comment.

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