March 19, 2012

know rails? join us.

if you've got serious rails skills, have built web apps at scale, and are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a funded startup, megaphone wants to hire you.

megaphone is making realtime interactive tv a reality.

we have 7-figure revenue and we are about to go big.

you'll get architectural freedom, amazingly challenging work, top dollar, and be in early at a startup that is popping. if you have what it takes, you'll become an important general in the army.


1) find out more here:

2) email your credentials to: colin ! (replace bang with at).

ideally, you should live in new york or toronto, but we'll consider telecommuting options too.

already got a gig? ours is better. mail us.

Posted by moock at 10:02 PM