The following two people are responsible for the overall administration of VUW.

Colin Moock - Head VUW Administrator

Colin is currently pursuing a Masters degree in English at the University of Waterloo. He initiated the VUW project in response to Paul Beam's interest in MOOs, and has overseen and greatly participated in its development since its inception in the spr ing of 1995. He designed the entire geography of VUW, except for the plaza. He is responsible for all final decisions within the MOO, and administers the team of programmers and helpers. He also writes or edits all VUW documentation, both at the WWW si te, and on the MOO. Finally, he manages the actual running of the MOO program, and physically maintains the system. He'd like very sincerely to thank Paul Beam and Andy Southam, without whose support VUW could not exist. If you'd like to know more about Colin, check his web site.

Andy Southam - Vice Head Administrator,

A technical consultant at LEXIS-NEXIS in Ohio, Andy became involved in VUW late in June 1995, shortly after it was first erected, and his involvement grew swiftly to his current position as vice-head administrator. He is responsible for an enormous a mount of MOO coding, from designing a variety of objects such as the bulletin boards and note pads, to creating cloning systems, to extensive porting of objects and systems, to hacking existing objects and programs. Without his efforts, the MOO could not possibly have become as developed as it is. He is particularly responsible for the entire plaza, including all its contents and features. He also often acts as head administrator in Colin's abscence

HTML Authors

While Colin Moock did write four of the step-by-step tutorials in HTML, Lester Pang was responsible for the general HTML implementation and some of the writing of this site.

Lester Y. Pang - VUW Homepage Implementor

Lester is currently pursuing a undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in the Independent Studies Program. Lester's involvement in the MOO was in the form of an IS based unit. His duties ranged from technical hard/software consultant to Coli n , writing tutorials, to the implementing of the dynamic homepage system that you see before you. Lester is a fulltime corporate systems consultant for Paradigm Canada.

Full Programmer

Cori Houghton
Cori lives outside of Washington DC, and is an accomplished MOO programmer. Her major contribution to VUW has been with automated robots such as the interviewer used with the Resume Module of 210e. She also serves as a valuable trouble-shooter, and programs a variety of things as her skills are needed. Cori is known by her notorious MOO nickname "Stardancer" on VUW.

Special thanks go to:

Professor Paul Beam
Professor Beam initiated English 210e, and has overseen its development for many long months. He originally provided Colin with the opportunity to pursue MOOs in academia by suggesting the VUW project, and supporting it fully as part of Colin's gradu ate studies. A tip of the hat to hard work and good friendship.

Without the help and understanding of the various people in Arts Computing, this project would not be able to exist in its present form. Always willing to listen to new ideas, and provide technical support. Thanks ACO!

LambdaMOO and MOO-Cows
In many hours of despair from crashes and problems, Colin sought solace and invaluable assistance from the kind people at LambdaMOO, and on the MOO-Cows Mailing List. This must be the most supportive volunteer group in the computing world! Thanks Pru i, Kephren, BlackBriar, StarDancer, Swatfoot, Edward, Brack, and the administrators of several academic MOO's.