Entering VUW MOO

For the purposes of English 210e, on campus students will be accessing VUW MOO via a telnet application in DOS on their WATSTAR accounts. On campus students should use the following instructions to connect to VUW. Off campus students will have to configure their TELNET applications with their local internet provider. These instructions are introductory only. More elaborate connection information can be found here.

1) Login to your WATSTAR account. If you are already logged in, and are using Windows, you must quit Windows. Do NOT just use the windows DOS prompt.
2) At the "n\:>" prompt, type "telnet" and hit enter.
3) Once the telnet application loads, and you see "Server mode, press ESC to exit or ALT-A to begin a session," hit and hold down the "ALT" key, then hit "A" while still holding down "ALT".
4) When you see "Telnet>" type "watarts.uwaterloo.ca 7777", then hit enter.

TIP: If you mistype even one digit in an entire MUD address, you will be sent to an unknown machine and asked to login. If you ever see: login: when you try to connect to a MUD, you've typed the address wrong. Type CTRL-C to end the TELNET session, and then check that you have all required parts of the address, including the port number. You might try using the numeric address instead. For VUW the numeric address is: 7777.

Following the above four steps will connect you the VUW site, but at that point, you are still not fully connected to the MOO. You are only looking at what is called the welcome page.Though this may be the first time you are visiting VUW, if you are a student of English 210e, your account is ready and waiting for you to connect. Your user name is YOUR LAST NAME. Your password is your STUDENT ID NUMBER. To connect you type "connect" followed by your name, followed by your password. For example, if the name of a student connecting were Jeremy Auger, and his student id number were 94233890, his user name would be, hence, "Auger". His password would be "94233890". To enter VUW, then, he types "connect Auger 94233890". If you have made it to the VUW welcome screen and are still unable to connect, there is a remote chance your account was not set up properly. Please email Colin Moock at colin_moock@iceinc.com as a last resort for help.

The following people have duplicating last names, and should use these user names: