Colin's Links to Gardening Sites

Well, it had to come sooner or later. I didn't think I should put up just another list of gardening references on the Web, but lots of people have asked for sites, and lots of people have offered their sites, so here it goes...(did you ever notice that all these links to sites are like runners spreading in a strawberry patch?)

I don't always have time to keep these up to date, so some sites may have changed, or may not exist anymore. If there's no comment about the site, I might not have visited it yet. You wouldn't want me to take all the fun out of it for you would you? I'd be happy to list your site here if you like. Just send me email, or fill in the garden tour questionnaire.


Personal Homepages

Marion's Garden
Location: Delft, Netherlands
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? Marion's Garden is a photo-text tour of her 3 by 4 metre lot. Interesting use of pots and small spaces. She's got the tour set up by season so you can see what the garden does over the course of a year. Marion's always friendly on her site and in email.

Just A Patch of Ground
Location: London, England
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? A photo-text description of a London semi-urban garden, this site is unique in its recounting of the evolution of a slightly desolate plot of land into blooms and plants. A neat map allows you to investigate individual plants in the garden, or you can browse an exhaustive list.

A Walk Through My Garden
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? Seven thumbnail photos connect to a paragraph or two each describing this Winnipeg yard and garden.

Lynn's Landscape and Garden
Location:Beaufort Co., North Carolina, USA
Date Added: Jan. 14/97 (updated Feb. 28/99)
What's It Like? An extensive original homegrown resource on tips and techniques from a lanscape designer working in a warm climate. Friendly and informative with lots of enjoyable photos and some interesting features like a seed exchange.

Northern Pond
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date Added: Jan. 14/97
What's It Like? An extensive site on water gardening in Canada with good long looks at a few feature gardens with ample descriptions and narrative. Focuses on design and artistic appeal. Also of note is a several hundred strong website links list and a running article section called the "journal".


Gardeners of the Golden Horseshoe
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? This site has always been one of my personal favorites. Run as a volunteer project by one person, it gives real content to gardeners of Southern Ontario, and has the genuine tone and interest of someone who loves to do what they're doing. There's a chat board, seasonal information on where to go, current lists of gardening resources, an area for kids, and a bunch of other neat stuff. Great for local gardeners.

I Can Garden
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? I Can Garden calls itself "The Canadian Internet Gardening Resource". It's a friendly magazine style site, and has everything from a commercial listing of seed catalogs to a chat area to listings of Botanical Gardens across Canada. Worth a visit.

Dig Magazine
Location: USA?
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? A true monthly magazine about gardening, but it's a website. Lots of honest to goodness content: articles, features, columns, pictures, but also the perks of being a website (like chat areas, interactive stuff, searching back issues, and a monthly email newsletter). Good info and atmosphere on both indoor and outdoor gardening.


Better Homes and Gardens
Location: USA
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? I haven't had time to fully explore this site, but there's a ton of stuff there, as you might expect if you've seen the corresponding magazine. The people who run it seem very friendly.

Freshwater Flora and Fauna
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Date Added: Jan. 12, 1997
What's It Like?A straight-forward presentation of a California area artificial pond nursery and aquarium supply shop. Locals can find a map to what they need; other North Americans will have to order via mail, but all of us can take a look at the few pictures of water plants.

Timber Press
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Date Added: Feb. 5, 1997
What's It Like? Looking for a book on a specific gardening subject? If you can't find it in your library or bookstore, you may want to try the Timber Press site. They sell gardening books via an online catalog, and provide weekly stand-alone excerpts from the books so you can read articles in advance. Writers may want to head directly to the Submission Guidelines page to get information on how to submit their manuscript for printing.


Plant Search
Location: USA
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? DON'T WAIT! VISIT THIS SITE NOW! This is a dream come true for me. How many times have I thought "hmm...I used to know that was yellow, and bloomed in the spring in climate zone 4. It was a bulb, I think. I wish I knew its name"? Now you can find it! No kidding! This searchable database of plants is an exhaustive and easy to use plant directory which lets you search by time of year, colour of bloom, and climate zone and gives you pictures and descriptions in return.

The Telegarden
Location: USA
Date Added: Nov. 13/1996
What's It Like? A while ago, I was looking around for gardening things on the Web, and I thought, "One day, someone will be sitting here with a computer like this planting trees in a garden with robotic arms; won't that be cool!" and then I searched for robot+garden and would you believe it? The Telegarden is most of the way there! This site offers a Web front-end to a robot arm that plants seeds in an experimental science-lab garden. You can look at the results of what other people have done, or you can sign up and actually plant your own seeds. This requires some dedication though--you've got to check your seeds often, and water them, but if you love both the Web and gardens I can't think of anything more entertaining. You can even get a live picture of the garden at different angles via a web-cam that you control. Very neat site to check out.

Other Lists of Gardening Sites

AgriWeb Canada
Location: Canada
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? A Canadian directory of tons of links on Agriculture and Agrifood on the Internet. Available in both English and French, it has a nice clean design and good navigational tools.
Location: USA
Date Added: Oct. 28/1996
What's It Like? A fairly extensive directory of gardening sites around the world, this well designed site is maintained by a book company, and keeps growing. Editorial reviews accompany the site listings.

Dig The Net
Location: USA
Date Added: Jan. 12/1997
What's It Like?A fairly fancy looking directory dedicated to plants and gardening, this site has a good database of resources and provides ever-familiar friendly style write-ups and site summaries found in commercially maintianed Web resources. Touting a topical search engine, this site is actually a section of the bigger Virtual Garden, which has a wide range of utilities, info, and products of its own. Definitely worth a look if you like polished resources and don't mind a little commercial content.

More to come...Let me know if you'd like me to review your site.