Communication Quick Reference

Communicating is the most important part of the MOO. Players have to communicate distinctively to express their ideas, comments and even problems to others effectively. There are several commands available to allow you to communicate with fellow users. If at anytime on VUW you wish to get extended help on any of these commands, just type 'help ' at the MOO prompt and the MOO system will give you examples and explanations.

Say -- Talking to the other connected players in the room.
Whisper -- talking privately to someone else in the same room.
Page -- Send a message to someone anywhere in the MOO.
Social -- Non-verbal communications with others in the same room.
Gagging -- Screening out noise generated by certain other players.
News -- Reading the administrators' most recent set of announcements.
@Gripe -- Send a complaint to the administrators about something.
Whereis -- Locating other players in the MOO.
@Who -- Fidning out who is currently online.
@send -- The MOO internal EMail system.