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Hi there! This is me and this is my dog. Map of Waterloo

This site has actually become a more of a historical record than an active site. I originally created the site as part of a project in Neil Randall's Computer Mediated Communications course during my English MA. At first it was a work of hypertext fiction and theory, then over a year or so I added a photo tour of my garden and some gardening resources, and I added information on MUDs (skip down the page if you don't know what MUDs are but want to find out...).

Though I don't do as much maintenance on the site now, you may still find things of interest. Visit the menu below to see what you can find ;)

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--June 19, 1997

A Walk Through My Garden

In the spring of 1995, I posted a series of photos I took of my garden over its six year development. A year later, I posted more photos and organized them into a kind of guided tour. A while later I made a map, wrote some tips, and added some links, so the garden tour became a little site of its own.
Please take a walk through my garden...

MUD, MOO Resources

During the summer of 1995, Andy Southam and I lead the creation of VUW MOO, a text-based virtual reality which was used during the Fall of '95 as an interaction tool for students of English 210e (Technical Writing and Online Documentation). Check the following links for information:

Communication in the Virtual Classroom Originally posted: March 27, 1996
I revised a couple of essays I wrote on the VUW experience and collected them into this paper.

The MUD Starter Kit Originally posted: Fall, 1995
I first had this document published as Chapter 6 of Neil Randall's book Teach Yourself the Internet: Around the World in 21 Days, 2nd Edition. It provides a relatively extensive introduction to the MUD world, as well as a helpful step-by-step tutorial to help you get started using MUDs.

51 Places of Note in the MUD World
References to information on and sources for MUDs via the WWW, TELNET, FTP, and USENET.

VUW MOO's Homepage
I was head administrator (archwiz, though not a programmer) of a MOO called Virtual campus at the University of Waterloo (VUW). The MOO was intended for use primarily by students of the undergraduate course "Technical Writing" in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing program. Though it is no longer operational, much of the collateral web pages designed for the MOO are still live.

Critical Essays and Fiction

The Aphasia of Similarity Disorder on The World Wide Web: Jakobson's Linguistic Poles and Hypertext A Theoretical essay which studies hypertext links.

Nebeneinander / Nacheinander A hypertext work of fiction. Acts in part as a companion to "Similarity Disorder on The World Wide Web".

What Stanley Fish is Doing and How He Does It A study of Fish's narrative technique and theory of interpretive communities in his book "Is There a Text In This Class?" (1980). I posted this essay mostly to learn a little HTML.

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