The sun was not bright. Katherine strolled just ahead of Alexander, so he watched her hair and wondered that she had come. "Two please--students." Alexander drew some money out of his wallet and fumbled with the wicket attendant over change, two tickets, and two brochures. Katherine waited. Every three or four seconds she received an embarrassed smile. She picked up an information sheet and a map from the booth beside the wicket. "Spring at the ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDENS... spectacular forest display of Canada's largest narcissus collection... Iris and Lily garden opens first week of June... receives a copy of our quarterly report, as well as updates on exhibits and events, ask at the kiosk for details... sorry, no wedding photographs inside the greenhou..." Alexander interrupted her reading, "They said the daffodils are through the rose garden to the left. The Irises aren't out yet, but the Rockery is open, and there's a place there I know where you can get tea." He glowed at her, "This is so much fun--I'm so glad you came. We get along so well." The first person plural seemed to Alexander the first step towards uniting himself with Katherine. She smiled, and they walked through a long tunnel towards the rose garden.