In The Lower Level

The Sundial and Lower Level

This picture got a little warped, so the levels don't look that extreme. The picture does, however, give a good idea of how important the two levels are. The pumpkin patch defines part of the upper level, while the annuals around the step give the eye something to focus on in the foreground, lending a sense of enclosure to the lower area. The sundial was purchased at a local auction. I should mention some helpful hints about the red and mauve annuals here. The red is a waxed leaf begonia, and the blue is called "Hawaiian Blue" (I don't know the latin name). Both of these plants ended my two year struggle for a bright coloured 12" annual that could stand blistering heat and dry soil. They were perfect, and grew happily in the harsh conditions. Others I tried were petunias (too leggy), impatiens (don't laugh-it said they were a special sunny variety), alyssum (hated the dry soil), and gazanias (only opened on days with prolonged periods of full sun).

Turn around for a minute to look at the some more of the lower level.