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terms of use
/1/ non-profit/academic/artist usage
unless explicitly stated otherwise, all original code posted at (hereafter "the code") is available free of charge for use by all non-profit and academic institutions, and by all artists. organizations using the code under these terms should if possible link to the source of the code.

/2/ for-profit usage
unless explicitly stated otherwise, the code is available to for-profit organizations as donation-ware. organizations who wish to support may send a completely non-obligatory thank-you gift. for the receiving address, please email colin -at- (replace -at- with @).

suggested cash donation is $10 to $50 (cash, cheque, or money-order). payment is not required, only appreciated. no licence, support, compensation, or warranty is implied nor granted.

/3/ copyright retention
any and all copyright notices in the code must be retained. removal of any copyright notices in the code constitutes a breach of the terms of this agreement.

/4/ no direct redistribution
direct redistribution or direct reselling of the code is prohibited without express permission in writing by the author.

/5/ limited liability
the author makes no legal guarantee whatsoever of the proper functioning of the code, and is not responsible for any damages incurred through its use, real or perceived. the software is provided as-is, without warranty, and is not supported by the author.

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this page was born on october 21, 2001.