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NamespaceListener Interface




onAddRoom(e) Occurs when a room is added to the namespace.
onDie(e) Occurs when the namespace is removed from the client's RoomManager (because the namespace was removed from the server).
onRemoveRoom(e) Occurs when a room is removed from the namespace.
onNumClientsInNamespace(e) Occurs when the number of clients in the namespace is received.


The NamespaceListener interface's methods correspond to specific namespace events. Classes wishing to process namespace events implement this interface. An instance of an implementing class must register to receive event notifications from a specific NameSpace instance with the NameSpace.addNamespaceListener() method. When a namespace event occurs, the NameSpace instance invokes the appropriate NamespaceListener method on all registered listeners. Information about the event is passed to the method in a NamespaceEvent object.

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