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unity 2 uSimpleChat tutorial, ActionScript 2.0 Version

In the uSimpleChat tutorial we'll learn how to build a multiuser Flash chat application with a user list and customizable user name. Over the course of the tutorial, we'll revise the application, taking it from a very simple "Hello World" style example to a reasonably complex multiuser application. This tutorial assumes you have Unity 2 installed and are familiar with stopping and starting the server. For information on obtaining, installing, and running the Unity 2 server, see the Unity homepage.

This tutorial is divided into four parts:

Note: This tutorial applies to the Flash MX 2004/ActionScript 2.0 method of creating Unity 2 applications. There is also an ActionScript 1.0 version of this tutorial.

Source files for the above parts are included in UClient for Macromedia Flash, in both Flash MX 2004/ActionScript 2.0 and Flash MX/ActionScript 1.0 format. In your UClient for Macromedia Flash installation, see /UClient/uSimpleChat/ and /UClient/flash mx versions/uSimpleChatMX/.