Developing a Custom Protocol


When a Client wants to communicate with Unity 2 Multiuser Server (U2MS) they must first agree on a Protocol or an agreed upon format for the Messages. By default U2MS assumes this to be Unity Procedure Call (UPC). However, by creating a custom MessageRouter you can use any format you like. Some examples might be:

character delimited: "myroom|sendmessage|hi there"
positional: "myroom01hithere" (first 6 characters are room, next 2 are method, remainder is argument for the method)

You could also create MessageRouters for common formats such as XML-RPC.


To create a new Protocol for U2MS you must create a new MessageRouter. The MessageRouter is responsible for two things. First, all incoming messages are passed to the MessageRouter to determine which Room the message should be passed to. Second, the MessageRouter is responsible for formatting Messages which may be needed internally by U2MS. For example, the MessageRouter determines if the ClientID should be automatically sent to each Client that connects and it creates the actual Message to be sent since U2MS knows nothing about the protocol being used.

Creating A MessageRouter