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Unity 2 Application Showcase
Here's a look at some multiuser applications created with Unity. If you would like to see your own Unity project posted here, send mail to

Unity 2 Applications
The following applications were all created with Unity 2. Not all of them are still available online.

Atari used Unity to power their well-known online gaming site, Games implemented using Unity include: Battleship, Boggle, Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry!, and Yahtzee. Note that Atari's domain,, was sold to AOL; the original Unity apps are no longer online.

Vyew is a free webconferencing tool that includes screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboarding, chat, shared searching.

Etsy's Town Hall
A visual discussion forum for the users of, by Jared Tarbell. No longer online.

Red Universe
[screenshot 1][screenshot 2]
Red Universe is a 2D multiuser environment in which visitors to Red Interactive Agency's website can interact.

Seite1girl is a live exhibition promoting a line of lingerie for the German clothing store C&A. Every evening from 20:30 to 24:00 (German time), a video projection in front of the store displays models wearing the lingerie. The specific poses are chosen by users online at, and the reactions to those poses by passersby are broadcast via streaming video back to the web site. The project is a collaborative effort by the newspaper "Bild Zeitung" and C&A.

Tampopo is an art exhibition by Kentaro Yamada in which users can blow the seeds off a virtual dandelion. One blow can affect not only the dandelion in the gallery but also other dandelions on the network (or internet). A number of viewers can blow each other's dandelions from remote locations. For more information on Yamada-san's work, see:

A multiplayer ball-rolling game that takes some inspiration from lawn bowling. Players try to roll balls as close as possible to a target ball, across a lawn. Play one-on-one or in teams. To play, click on "jouer" on the home page, then choose a free "boulodrome" (1 or 2). Register as a new user or log in with the username: "unityplayer" and password "tester". Petanque52 was designed and programmed by Marc Milocco, and is based on the real game by the same name.

Sky Sports Chat
A celebrity chat application created for Sky Sports by dubit. Held on fridays, the chat regularly sees more than 400 users. According to Matthew Warneford, one of the chat's creators, "the application delivers a compelling and engaging opportunity to interactive with famous sporting celebrities through a safe, moderated, environment."

Matthew continues, "The application business logic was developed as a custom Java UPCRoom on the server side. Not only does this protect important intellectual property, but secures the application user roles--essential when considering the chats high profile."

Groovy Girls
[screenshot 1 | screenshot 2]
A safe multiuser environment for children. Click on "JOIN THE PARTY" to register for free and create your own Groovy Girls avatar. Then comes the fun: chat, party, dance and pose for photos with your new Groovy Girls friends from all over the world! Produced by Popular Front Interactive for Manhattan Group, LLC.

[view screenshot]
A full scale audio/video multiuser communication environment. Features text chat, shared drawing, and webcam video chat. The audio/video feature is implemented with Macromedia's Flash Communication Server, while the rest of the application is powered by Unity 2. An excellent example of integrating two multiuser technologies in the same application. Produced by Thijs Triemstra.

Teemic Boarder
[view screenshot]
A multi-area 3-d chat world (i.e., isometric avatar chat), with a snowboarding theme. Interact with each other and with the world around you. Wonderful artwork and great features, including:
  • physically walk from place to place
  • sit on chairs
  • add buddies and see who's online
  • send email-style messages to your buddies
  • hear a sound when others are talking about you
Produced by Artepict, programmed by Francis Bourre.

Fische Versenken
[view screenshot]
The classic two-player game of battleship, remade with an underwater fish theme. Excellent design, polish, and implementation. This game was created entirely using Unity 2's client-side code library. No custom Java code was required. The game is part of a pay site, and is password-protected. However, you can join as a guest of using the following information:
1) click on "spielen".
2) enter the username: unity
3) enter the password: tester
* note that only one "unity" user can be logged in at a time. if a second user logs in as "unity" both will be kicked off.

Congratulations to Phenomedia AG on a great game!

Unity 2 uMiniChat
A commercial Unity 2 chat application.

An art piece that reflects user interactivity to all connected users. Read more about uTulip here.

More Unity 2 demo applications...
For more Unity 2 applications, please see UClient for Flash.

Unity 1 Applications
The following applications were all created with Unity 1.

[view screenshot]
tridam is a multiplayer game that combines the rules of checkers with rock, paper, scissors. you move your rocks, paper and scissors around the board like checkers pieces. to take your opponent's piece, your piece must win the classic rock, paper, scissors contest. it's a seriously challenging and addictive twist on checkers.

a few notes on how to play: to move, you click your piece, then click an open square. to take an opponent's piece, you click your piece, then click the square *on the other side* of the opponent's piece. if you can possibly take a piece, you must take it--you won't be able to make any other moves.

flash developer/designer riccardo deponti implemented the game based on an idea by maurizio borsani, with help from enrico deponti.

hidden and dangerous 2
[view screenshot]
another great real-time strategy game based on junglewar, produced by GBT. this one is a promotional minigame for the PC game "Hidden and Dangerous 2". it features world war II combat scenes and many improvements over junglewar. to visit the game directly, click here.

junglewar: vietcong (now closed)
[view screenshot]
a multiuser real-time strategy game, produced by GBT to promote the PC and XBox game Vietcong. great interface, tons of fun action. For more info on Vietcong, see's coverage or's coverage.

battle for the sudan
[view screenshot]
a stratego-style multiuser game, produced by big spaceship and innofinity for the miramax movie The Four Feathers

joe stiff's interactive world
[view screenshot]
a multiroom avatar-based nightclub for "joe stiff's" beverages.

star trek nemesis, kolarun black market
[view screenshot]
Unity runs the chat for this card trading forum promoting the movie Star Trek Nemesis. Site now closed.

chat bugs
[view screenshot]
a full featured chat system with bugs as avatars.

[view screenshot]
experimental multiuser art and applications, by jared tarbell, creator of currently includes shared cursor and shared drawing apps.

a design portal featuring avatar chat throughout the site's content.

navigate this uk ad agency's website with other connected users, steering from section to section as a wind-up toy mouse or a rowboat.

ambient user sound
a shared environment that represents users as insects. for more info, see about ambient user sound.