the following email exchange between colin moock and haavard moen explains the duplicating behavior of the <NOSCRIPT> tag in the moock fpi in Opera 6.
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Thursday, February 07, 2002, 9:51:03 PM, you wrote:

> in opera6, the script now causes problems because of the browser's
> handling of noscript. i use both vbscript and javascript in my
> detection, and opera6 now renders noscript when *any* script on the
> page can't be executed. this causes content to be duplicated. i read a
> recent thread on the topic on, but couldn't find a
> recommended practice for pages that use both vbscript and javascript.

The conclusion most have come to is that NOSCRIPT is flawed. The specs
state that the useragent *has* to display the contents of NOSCRIPT if it
finds an unsupported scripting type:

Here, our standards guru, Jonny Axelsson explains a bit.

This posting explains why the behaviour is the way it is now:

> can noscript be of any use at all when both languages are used? or is
> the only option to leave it off.

The best solution would perhaps to use only a single scripting language
within a page, and therefore create separate pages for each language...

This wouldn't be a problem if noscript took multiple scripting languages
into account, but sadly, it doesn't.

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