Technique Four: Using "Target Window"

Technique four uses the simple technique of specifying a "Target Window" value in the GetURL Action of your Flash link. Those familiar with HTML will recognize the approach from the Anchor tag. In HTML, the following code will launch a new window and load the page "myurl.html" into it:

	<A HREF="myurl.html" TARGET="_blank">my link</A>

Test It:
Click here to see an example of what your window will look like when implemented using this method.

This technique is quick and easy, but does not allow you to set features of the new window--things like width, and whether or not the window has toolbars.

This technique is by far the least work to implement. Use it if you don't mind what your second browser window looks like.

How To
Here's how to do it in your own movies.

Step 1) Insert a button in your movie.
Step 2) Make sure buttons are disabled (Under the "Control" menu, unselect "Enable Buttons").
Step 3) Double click the button to set the action.
Step 4) If you are using Flash 3, the "Instance Properties" dialog will have appeared. Select the "Actions" tab. Click the "+" button and select "Get URL". In the "URL" field, enter the page you are linking to. In the "Window" field, select "_blank".

Screen Shot

If you are using Flash 2, the "Link Properties" dialog will have appeared. In the "Action" pull-down menu, select "Get URL". In the "Network URL" field, enter the page you are linking to. In the "Target Window" field, select "_blank".

Screen Shot

Note that you do not have to use "_blank" as the "Window" value. You can enter your own window value so that the new window will take the name you give it. This is useful if you plan to address the window later with other links or scripts.

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