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about is my meandering sprawl of explorations in networked computing. i started the site in 1995 while doing a graduate course in "computer mediated communications" in the literature department at the university of waterloo, canada. the first section on the site was a short work of hypertext fiction. the second was some research on text-based worlds called "MUD"s. about two years later i registered the domain "" and started posting information about flash and other web technology as an attempt to share something with the online community from which i have learned so much. since then the site has randomly expanded to include games, paintings, animations, info about my books and lectures, a multiuser development kit called Unity, and lots of other stuff. you can find most of the content through the homepage.

here are some of's past multiuser homepages:

if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

thanks for visiting,
colin moock

revision history
march 28, 2005: posted. (only took me 10 years! ;)
july 13, 2007: minor updates