October 23, 2007

ECMAScript 4 overview posted

The ECMAScript working group (TC39-TG1) has recently released a great document describing what they hope to include in ECMAScript 4. ECMAScript is the standard upon which ActionScript and JavaScript are based. The theoretical next version of ActionScript (ActionScript 4.0) would be based on ECMAScript 4. The working group is aiming to complete the ECMAScript 4 specification by October 2008.

>> read the ECMAScript 4 overview (pdf)

more info on ECMAScript 4 is available at www.ecmascript.org.

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October 16, 2007

FDT 3.0 now shipping

for over a year, adobe's Flex Builder has been pretty much the only ActionScript 3.0 development tool available. that changes today with the release of powerflasher's FDT 3.0.

>> view FDT 3.0 website

like Flex Builder, FDT is based on Eclipse, so there is some natural similarity between the tools for pure ActionScript projects. some of FDT 3.0's features are definitely also on the wishlist for Flex Builder--things like a configurable formatter and live code generation (insert missing variable/method definitions, code-completion that auto-inserts a class constructor).

it's nice to see another option on the market for ActionScript developers. and i was very happy to see that FDT 3.0 is free for open source developers, and discounted for students.

if you write object-oriented ActionScript programs, FDT 3.0 is definitely worth a look.

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October 11, 2007

december 3: free ActionScript 3.0 training in Chicago

the chicago date for my actionscript 3.0 training tour is now set for december 3rd, 2007. get your spot soon...the previous three events filled up very quickly!

>> details at www.adobeas3tour.com

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October 03, 2007

October 11: Free ActionScript Training in Toronto


i'm holding another 9-hour day of free ActionScript 3.0 training next thursday in toronto. it's a practice run for my actionscript training tour.

if you would like to participate, please send your name and email address to colin@moock.org, with the subject ACTIONSCRIPT TRAINING. the first 20 responses get a spot.

the course is very grueling, so please be prepared for an intense day.

downtown toronto
(156 augusta ave in kensington market)

thurs, october 11, 2007

course content:
-introduction to object-oriented programming in ActionScript 3.0
-covers classes, objects, loops, conditionals, inheritance, functions, methods, variables, events, and display programming
-lecture notes here

-ambitious beginners
-intermediate ActionScript programmers with knowledge of timeline programming

thanks to shawn pucknell of fitc for providing the space, and doing the production for this event.

Posted by moock at 09:45 PM