March 25, 2009

James Paterson's new work

dear james,
thank you for reminding us all (or me at least) why we do this.

>> view The Rotten Fruit Tardis
>> read about Harvest at bitforms

i'm looking forward to seeing this in person at fitc.

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March 17, 2009

FITC toronto 2009

[UPDATE: Shawn Pucknell, founder of FITC, just gave me a discount code for all moockblog readers! Use code "moock" to get 20% off when you register for FITC.]

fitc is coming up in april (25th-28th). in my presentation i'll officially be revealing what's kept me occupied for nearly every minute of the past 8 months. for a complete list of the always-inspiring sessions at the conference, visit FITC's presentation list.

i highly recommend attending fitc. it's one of the flash industry's best places to find world-class training, inspiration, and business opportunities--all crammed into an intense 3-day pressure cooker. hope to see you there!

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