April 24, 2009

the lost actionscript 3.0 weekend

i finally decided to break the print tradition and make an actionscript
training dvd with o'reilly. but it's not your average training video. we
wanted to capture the energy of a programming session with a group of
fun and passionate friends. so james paterson, hoss gifford, and i
locked ourselves away in a cabin by the ocean for a three-day weekend to
shoot an eleven-hour crash course on object-oriented programming. you
can take a look at the results here...

>> trailer 1
>> trailer 2 (hoss profile)
>> trailer 3 (james profile)

free course content:
>> course 1 introduction
>> object references and garbage collection
>> inheritance
>> graphics programming with flash player engineer jim corbett
>> flash/flex workflow

the physical dvd will be available very soon, and you can already watch the
entire two-part course online.

>> watch at safari
>> watch at o'reilly

this is a brand-new format for an actionscript training video, so we'd
love to hear what you think. does it work for you as a way to learn? is
it more engaging than the standard "screencast" training style? (we sure
hope so!) post a comment or send me an email (colin@moock.org) to tell me what you think. or you can post a public comment about the video on insideria.

if you are planning on purchasing the video, you should do so through this link:


it gives you a 20-40% discount, depending on what you order. if you're linking to the video, please use that link so everyone can get the discount (o'reilly's main catalog page has the expensive version...)

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April 05, 2009

get number of bytes in a UTF-8 string

Here's a handy little ActionScript function that reports the number of bytes in a UTF-8 encoded string (the default encoding for ActionScript):

public function getNumBytesUTF8 (s:String):Number {
  var byteArray:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
  return byteArray.length;
// Usage:
trace(getNumBytesUTF8("automobile"));  // 10
trace(getNumBytesUTF8("車"));          // 3

Note: "number of bytes" is not the same thing as "number of characters". For "number of characters," use the String class's length variable:

trace("車".length); // 1
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