October 29, 2003

hoss's new trick

hoss has a great new audio exhibit up at:


save your mixer settings, then see them mixed automatically with people around the world. trippy :)

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EA looking for actionscript developers

Electronic Arts Canada, the legendary game studio that brought you SSX, The Bard's Tale, and Archon, are looking for talented actionscript developers to work in their vancouver office. if you want apply for the job, you must mention that you read about it on this blog. wow...how cool would it be to work at ea...?

details follow...i'm not sure how strict they are on the c++ experience. perhaps if you kick ass at actionscript but don't know c++, it's worth applying anyway.

Required Skills:
* Proficiency with C++ (Visual C++ or Visual .NET recommended).
* Experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
* Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices.
* Bachelorís degree or higher in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
* Knowledge and experience using Flash and specifically with the use of actionscript.
* Good communication and writing skills.
* Two or more years of experience working in video games or a CG-related field.
* Excellent problem solving skills.
* And of course, we want self-starters who can work with others in a team-oriented environment as well as independently.
* Prior experience shipping a console product (PS2, GameCube or Xbox).

Please submit your resume or inquiries to: mbelanger@ea.com

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October 28, 2003

flash authoring on linux

CrossOver Office now supports Flash MX, meaning you can author flash content on linux.

news release:

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October 22, 2003

checkers, meet rock paper scissors (multiplayer!)

flash developer/designer riccardo deponti has just announced a new multiplayer game, tridam, based on unity. it combines the rules of checkers with rock, paper, scissors.

>> play tridam at http://www.tridam.com/

you move your rocks, paper and scissors around the board like checkers pieces. to take your opponent's piece, your piece must win the classic rock, paper, scissors contest. it's a seriously challenging and addictive twist on checkers.

a few notes on how to play: to move, you click your piece, then click an open square. to take an opponent's piece, you click your piece, then click the square *on the other side* of the opponent's piece. if you can possibly take a piece, you must take it--you won't be able to make any other moves.

riccardo implemented the game based on an idea by maurizio borsani, and had help from enrico deponti. congratulations to all on a fun game!

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October 21, 2003

resize flash object/embed tags dynamically

eduardo ramos has a nice little demo showing how to resize a flash movie in an html page, causing the page to reflow its layout to fit the movie. works in win ie and mozilla-based netscape. cool stuff.

>> view demo

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October 11, 2003

asdg2 now available in chinese and japanese

the chinese and japanese translations of "actionscript for flash mx: the definitive guide, second edition" are now shipping.

>> chinese edition
>> japanese edition, volume 1
>> japanese edition, volume 2

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October 09, 2003

jobs at juxt & the wddg

juxt interactive and the wddg are looking for some talented new hands..

1 // Art Director
Juxt Interactive is seeking an Art Director/Flash designer. Candidates should have 5 years of interactive design experience. We are looking for rare individuals that have a gift for original thinking, a broad exposure to design and design styles as well as having a mastery of the tools involved in developing the interactive medium. Candidates must have proficiency with PhotoShop, Freehand or Illustrator, 3d apps, Video editing, Sound design and HTML development tools. Candidate must have extreme proficiency with Flash motion development and actionscripting. He/she must have excellent communication skills and have experience dealing directly with clients in both on going project communications as well as client presentation.

Email info@juxtinteractive.com with ART DIRECTOR as the subject

2 // Flash Developer/Programmer
Juxt Interactive is seeking a Flash Developer/Programmer. Candidates should have 3 years of interactive development/programming experience. Candidates must have proficiency in HTML development, middle-ware development (asp, jsp, coldfusion, php) and database design and development with SQL. Candidate must have extreme proficiency with Flash Actionscripting in both experience design and Flash Application development. Strong design background is a plus.

Email info@juxtinteractive.com with FLASH PROGRAMMER as the subject

For both Juxt jobs, note:

We are currently not considering International candidates beyond Canada at this time.

If you wish to be considered for this position please email a list of urls clearly explaining your involvement on each project along with a current resume.

Please no phone calls

3 // The WDDG is looking for a Director game programmer who is experienced with 3D Director development. The work is freelance right now - but may turn into long term. Applicants need to be in NYC for the development period. Contact jobs@wddg.com. See: http://www.wddg.com/ for info on the WDDG.

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October 08, 2003

sonicWireSculptor: amit pitaru's latest work

flash artist amit pitaru has launched a beautiful new musical instrument exhibit written in java and processing (where the work is also featured).

for those of you who don't know amit, you should also visit www.pitaru.com to see his other works, including his collaboration with james patterson.

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October 02, 2003

Unity 2 Profiled in Macromedia Showcase

Macromedia talks about Unity 2 in this new showcase article.

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October 01, 2003

MovieClipLoader class in Flash Player 7!

back on april 16, i started a petition for better preloading in flash. much to my delight, macromedia investigated the issue and decided to implement a fix! the MovieClipLoader class is now a bonafide part of flash player 7. for complete information on the new class, see: Help > ActionScript Dictionary > MovieClipLoader. the new class requires flash player 7.

for a flash player 6 approximation, see ralf bokelberg's MovieClipLoader class. (download the class here...)

my sincere thanks to macromedia for listening to the flash user base and responding so late in the product cycle. great work guys!

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