April 30, 2004

uBrowse: Shared Multiuser Web Browsing

uBrowse is a shared web browsing application. In uBrowse, connected users can visit websites as a group. Users enter URLs for websites in a shared address bar. When a new site is suggested by one user, others can choose to view that site. Connected users can also choose to automatically visit all sites suggested by other users. A shared history keeps track of recently visited sites.

>> view uBrowse

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April 28, 2004

how wefail

well, i found the wefail presentation slides from flash in the can.

man do i ever love martin&jordan's wefail work. man...

>> view wefail presentation slides
>> play donkey game
>> view wefail client site: bob schneider music
>> please yourself at wefail home


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April 27, 2004

speaking at flash forward nyc

just confirmed that i'll be speaking at flash forward in new york city this july (7th-9th). i'm discussing multiuser flash applications and the vision of multiuser computing in general. no code...just inspiration, showcase, and ideas. hope to see you there!

(related note: jared tarbell will be doing his first ever conference presentation at ffnyc04! can't wait to see what he shows...)

>> visit flash forward's website

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April 26, 2004

flash in the can roundup

i'm finally caught up after flash in the can. i promised to post some links, so here they are...

joshua davis showed the process behind once up on a forest. it was a beautiful presentation...my favourite from josh in a long while.
>> www.once-upon-a-forest.com

andries odendaal showed an amazing 3d creature builder in which you can actually spray-paint on the 3d models of the creatures you build. gorgeous work. i don't think andries has it posted anywhere, but some of his conceptual work from the lecture is available.
>> view odendaal source files

i was blessed to receive a pre-release copy of james patterson's upcoming 7-minute dvd. what a gift james has made the world. i'll post a link when the dvd is available. for now, you can just worship the cover art:
>> view upcoming presstube dvd

i also really liked the we fail lecture. jordan stone and martine hughes presented some lovely material.
>> view wefail slides

selected links from my presentation were:
>> www.collab.nl (experimental multiuser community)
>> www.atomicboarder.com (3d world chat)
>> www.moock.org/unity/clients/uPresence (shared interface usage)
>> www.public structure.net (jared tarbell's multiuser work)
>> www.moock.org/unity/uchatavatar (avatar chat)

other lecture links are posted at the flashinto message board.
>> view other lecture links

overall, fitc was amazing. it had a really energetic vibe, and everyone seemed to be showing new work. best conference i've been to in a few years.

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April 23, 2004

eas2 release date correction

sadly, i just learned that the release date of june 1 on amazon.com's website is an error. essential actionscript 2.0's official launch date is june 18. shitty... :(

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macromedia posts eas2 chapter 2

chapter 2 of essential actionscript 2.0 is now available for download from macromedia's developer center. chapter 2 introduces the basic concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP), and is intended for the OOP beginner.

>> read eas2 chapter 2

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April 22, 2004

announcing essential actionscript 2.0!

my next book, essential actionscript 2.0 (eas2), now has an official launch date of june 1st! the book covers actionscript 2.0 and oop in great depth over 550 pages.

>> preorder eas2 in the united states
>> preorder eas2 in canada
>> preorder eas2 in europe
   ( * i earn a commission if you order through these links...thanks!)
   ( * note that amazon.com's price is incorrectly listed as US$34.95. the correct price is US$39.95)

>> read a full description of the book
>> learn how eas2 differs from asdg2
>> get notified when the book ships

>> visit the book minisite

i'll leave comments open for this entry for a while...please add a comment if you have any questions or thoughts about eas2.

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April 21, 2004

save data to disk more easily

while writing Unity apps lately i got very sick of using SharedObject to store user preferences to disk. so i wrapped the SharedObject class in a custom class, LocalData. i now use it for all my work.

here's what it looks like to save and load data via LocalData:
  LocalData.save("userDetails", "username", "Colin");
  var uname:Object = LocalData.load("userDetails", "username");

what a relief.

>> read about and download LocalData here

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April 20, 2004

flash in the can pics

finally got around to posting up some pics from this year's flash in the can.

>> favourites
>> lecture
>> workshop
>> hoss+jared
>> party

jared tarbell also has some pics up:
>> view jared's pics

here's a list of pics taken by attendees and some speakers:
>> view attendee pics

finally, shawn pucknell has official conference pics up here:
>> day 1
>> day 2
>> day 3

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April 16, 2004

tarbell prints now available

one of my all-time favourite electronic artists, jared tarbell (creator of levitated.net, publicstructure.net, and complexification.net) is now offering 10 different limited edition prints (yes, paper!) of his work. jared lets runs his art systems for days on end and then outputs the results in incredibly high resolution. absolutely beautiful...

>> here's my print (tree garden II)
>> get your own print here (limited quantities available)

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April 15, 2004

wonder what flex is? nigel explains...

if you're keeping up on the flash world, you've probably at least heard of flex, macromedia's server-side XML-based software for creating flash applications. if you don't know much about flex, you probably wish you could just go grab a quick coffee with a flex developer and have her explain how it works. in his latest article, "Building Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia Flex: A Flash Perspective," nigel pegg drinks that coffee with you. if you're curious about flex, you'll probably get most of your basic questions answered by reading nigel's succint overview. it's the clearest description of flex i've seen so far, and it takes only a few minutes to read.

>> read nigel's article on flex

nigel covers:
-why flex was born
-why java developers would like flex
-how traditional flash content can be integrated into a flex application
-just enough code to get a feel for the syntax
-why flex and flash make a good team

(for the record, nigel pegg was one of the lead engineers on the v1 and v2 flash component sets, and is now working on breeze.)

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April 14, 2004

flashstudioPRO v2 released

mdm has released a new version of their projector creation tool, flashstudioPRO. new features include:

-form-based development (ala visual basic)
-custom fscommand creation
-installer and trial build support
-projector transitions
-50 projector skins
-improved ocx handling (ship a projector that works even if the end-user doesn't have flash installed)

other features include:
-customize projector shape, size, icon, etc
-over 600 fscommands to do things like read/write files, convert images, etc
-screensaver output
-run avi, mpg, wmv, quicktime, or real media directly in the projector
-embed html & pdf directly into the projector
-database connectivity
-joystick control
-directx support for fast playback

flashstudioPRO is shaping up nicely i'd say...

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April 13, 2004

collab.nl wins award at flash in the can

congratulations to thijs triemstra for his amazing work on www.collab.nl. collab won first place in the "experimental" category at the flash in the can awards show. in collab, thijs combines Unity and Macromedia Flash Communication Server to create a community for sharing and interacting. features are added regularly...thijs recently added support for ALICE (a psychotherapist computer chatbot), chat translation, geographic location detection, shared whiteboard, and inline web services such as checking the world's population and inserting a random quotation.

>> visit collab.nl
>> view all award winners

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